“STEVE DAN MILLS/Inside Out Lookin’ In Writer: Steve Dan Mills; Producer: Steve Dan Mills; Publisher: Steve Dan Mills, ASCAP; Millstream (track) —This CD’s title tune is a haunting “outsider” song that explores complex emotions and finds little peace. I think it will resonate especially with Nashville’s large recovery community. In addition to being a sterling writer and vocalist, Mills proves himself to be a brilliant producer with this gorgeous swirl of guitars and fiddle. Very praiseworthy work. Robert K Oermann Music Row Magazine” —  Robert Oermann, Music Row Magazine All Press” - Robert Oerman

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Performing Songwriter Magazine CD Review STEVE DAN MILLS   Remembering Young Stephen     Millstream Records  The young Stephen referred to in the title of this album is Steve Dan Mills.  The song is a harrowing but ultimately inspiring tale of overcoming and reclaiming a lost, brutal childhood.  “At last I’ll forgive him for just being human/And trying to outrun the wrath of his pain”.  Much like Bob Dylan sang thirty years ago, Mills longs to hear some chimes of freedom for the beaten, battered and bruised he sees all around him. Soul stripping honesty runs throughout these songs.  He makes no bones about exposing his own personal demons and levels a keen eye on the devils making mayhem in today’s society.  “Bootleg Hill” traces the effects of “white lightning” on an entire community.  “Children In The War Zone” laments the battlefield that has replaced so many children’s playground.  Mills wastes no time summing up the cause: “Violence on the TV, violence in the press, violence on the homefront, violence in the sex”.   You get the picture.  “Hillman’s Song” mourns the suicide of a friend who “when he laughed he mostly cried… he walked out on his heart last night”. If this sounds like a pretty depressing affair… it’s not.  In less skilled hands, these topics would be reduced to bumper sticker depth, but Mills is a singer/poet who has obviously been through the abyss and lives to tell the tale.  --------Neil Fagan, Performing Songwriter Magazine” - Neil Fagan

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It was brilliant having you here - it was one of the highlights of the Festival in both the Festival Concert Hall and  Fringe Tent where you received  standing ovations! We all loved you. I  think other Festivals will take notice of you now after this one  ( we all hope so here ) and I can honestly say, I have never seen so many people rush to buy an Artist's  CD's !!Pity you didn't bring more after selling them out so quickly and we will certainly have you back again - PENCIL US IN FOR NEXT YEAR!!Kindest Regards to Caroline as well from: Mike , Jan and our whole team at Cornwall Folk Festival  ” - Mike Walford

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Steve Dan Mills - Inside Out Lookin' In By George Peden Steve Dan Mills is an easy-to-read performer. His tunes spring from an honest and openly shared heart. His sharpened take on life comes from chiseled dues paid by fronting bands, moving to Nashville in the early ‘70s where he pounded doors and burnt shoe leather looking for a recording deal, finally to claiming a place on the Kerrville Folk Festival stage. He’s a journeyman whose waiting in the wings time has come. Inside Out Lookin’ In is the second album from this singer songwriter who’s written tunes for, among others, John Michael Montgomery and Mel McDaniel. Mills also has the envied distinction of a soundtrack cut on the Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster flick, Maverick. It’s been a stellar apprenticeship. With a strong vocal presence, reflective and incisive tunes, and a band of session notables, Mills impresses with his self-written 10 tracker. More an album for reflection than dancing, the former Milwaukee native marries critical and honest observation to tunes that don’t jar and grind, rather they’re tunes of a focused writer with a message to share. That message comes partly revealed in the title track. “Inside Out...” an aptly named cut dissects the growing pains of being a misunderstood; it’s one of several tunes which call us to examine our often uncharted lives. Other similar thoughts appear on “Don’t Lay Me Down”, the tragedy of recognized addiction, “Where’s The Child Tonight?” and the poignant “Where’s The Passion?” This is a touchdown album, well worth the extra few yards to your independent CD retailer. It’s available on Millstream Records.--------------------------------------------------------  ” - George Peden

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Steve Dan Mills There are LOTS of songwriters in Nashville writing songs for those big hat/ big name stars you see in the Country Music award shows. You never see them and the performer gets all the credit. (Well, the writer does get the royalties.). But there are also many songwriters in Nashville that just keep writing - and playing the weekly "in the round" concerts in the city, hoping for that "big break". Steve Dan Mills is one of those. And his songs need to be heard. I first discovered Mills when I heard a track on an Acoustic Radio sampler. The song was "Inside Out-Lookin' In" - the title track from this album. The song grabbed me with its chorus and well-written imagery. I followed up in getting the full CD and the other songs - all written by Mills - didn't disappoint. The CD is self-released by Mills and so didn't get a lot of commercial exposure but I'm hoping this review encourages listeners to sample a track or two - especially the title song and see if his passion for writing songs doesn't rub off on you too. There's an earlier CD of Mills - "Remembering Young Stephen" (1996) that I'm just getting into. I can see how he matured in the nine years between that album and this one. No the packaging isn't fancy but all the lyrics are there - in type face you can read. One day some big "hat act" is going to find this album and I'll be able to say,"I found the guy who wrote that song, when he was still flying "under the radar." Steve Ramm     Amazon "Anything Phonographic  ” - Steve Ramm

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